Corporate Cashflow Solutions specializes in arranging commercial financial solutions for South African businesses. Our professional team have had over 40 years extensive experience in the Banking, Commercial, Trade and Debtor Finance Industry they have been selected for their expertise, independence and, above all, their ability to deliver high standards of customer service.

Corporate Cashflow Solutions have earned considerable credibility with a vast selection of local and international financial institutions over a number of years. As dedicated finance advisors we will search the market and work hard to provide you with the most suitable funding partner and solution.

Cash Solutions

Whatever type of company you are - a new business or an existing company with years trading behind you - we can find the right financing solution for you from asset finance and invoice discounting to bond origination, import, local purchasing, stock and commercial property finance.

We are completely independent and know all the players in the market, but we are tied to none. That way you can be sure that we are recommending what’s best for you and not for us.